Oh, the dreaded author’s webpage. The official home of “buy my books.” I spent some time looking at author websites, and the sites for the most famous authors are boring. The authors aren’t there. It’s a fancy resume. I wanted more.

I would rather interact with people whose life stories resonate on the same wavelength as mine, and if I sell a book or art print, great. I’m a writer because I believe that telling my story frees you to tell yours, so by all means,


You can do this by email or comments here, or however you like. You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter.

Feel free to look around, though this site is not fully functional yet. I’ll be adding to it and updating things in the coming weeks. You can start with the About link, as it will give you a brief summary of who I am and what you’ll find here. And above all,

I’m really glad you’re here. Honest.



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