I’m sorry I’ve been absent for so long. I was waiting to hear whether I have cancer or not (I do not, thankfully), and I haven’t been able to think or function well.

I keep starting to write this post and then I feel like I have nothing to say, so I quit.

So since I can’t think of anything to say, I’ll steal. I read an essay yesterday by Heather Havrilesky that summed up how I’ve been feeling. I think she’s on to something. I was referred to the essay by Austin Kleon’s newsletter, which, if you don’t get it, you should.

Second, there’s new research showing that avatars can help people with schizophrenia stand up to their voices and not be controlled by them. I found this very interesting. Here’s the link.

Hopefully I’ll be back to blogging soon, with lots of wonderful things to say. Thanks for being here.


Oh, one last thing! I had to temporarily close comments on my posts due to spam issues. I’m looking for a fix for that, and hopefully I’ll have comments available again soon. I love hearing from you!

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