Sit with Me While I’m Mad – Cover Reveal!

You guys. Today is the day. I get to share with you my gorgeous book cover created by Jena Collins of JRC Designs. I have to admit, I was initially really nervous about the cover process. Mostly it’s because I’m a control freak, but I was really worried that the cover FVP decided on wouldn’t be something that resonated with me. That it wouldn’t carry the feel of my book. In the end, I couldn’t be happier with the finished product. Here it is:



All of the elements you see on the cover speak to aspects of the book, from the clocks to the stitches to the spiders. The spiders are my favorite part. I would never have thought to include them, but after reading my book, Jena came up with that idea and I just loved it. Y’all. She read the entire book to get a feel for the cover. That’s dedication.

So if you’re interested in purchasing a copy, it’s available for pre-order at Sit with Me While I’m Mad.


If you’re so inclined, you can also find it on Amazon: Sit with Me While I’m Mad.

Here are some other lovely graphics created by our marketing team:



A great big thanks to Jena and the FVP team for putting this together! I’m thrilled with the results and so excited to move forward with publication!

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