Using Curse Words

Hey all! I’m blogging over at my good friend (and my boss!) Myra Fiacco’s author website this week. Find my post here.

Myra has this incredible book coming out next week called Using Curse Words: Finding Unusual Solutions to Life’s “Worst” Problems. It’s truly a gem. Drawing from her experience starting a small press publishing company (Filles Vertes Publishing), Myra confesses that life wasn’t always chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, and a cherry on top. She had to go milk the cow, churn the cream, harvest the cacao, and freeze her ass off in the arctic mixing that shit up. But she got her ice cream, and she tells us how we can make small, manageable changes in our lives to begin pursuing our dreams as well.

I can’t wait to see this book in print. It’s going to be gorgeous. Hop over to her blog and catch up on all the great posts by women with amazing advice on life, work, and being a mom.

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